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Communication Theory Paper - Essay Example

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It helps in expressing the emotions, sentiments and feelings of a person. There are many factors that affect the communication process between people and groups. These factors involve the attentiveness of…
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Communication Theory Paper
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"Communication Theory Paper"

Download file to see previous pages The communication process in use depends on the availability of resources, skills and understanding of the members. This paper aims to analyze the communication process adopted by XYZ Hospital where I work as a trainee. It also provides a brief account of cultural differences that affect the communication process within the work premises and also recommends some necessary steps to minimize the risks associated with communication misinterpretations.
The group communication process being utilized in our workplace is efficient and effective due to its direct nature. The direct communication strategy helps in transferring the information and ideas directly. However, there are certain factors involved that affect the communication process and its effectiveness. Since, we are working in a hospital setting and have a diverse workforce; it becomes difficult to keep the cultural and moral values unbiased for all the employees. The gender differences and cultural distinctions pose a threat to a single communication pattern for effective and efficient use of communication methods (Gaddis, 2006). The group comprises 6 male members and 3 female members excluding me. I am working as a group leader and the factors that influence the communication patterns involved are identified after careful analysis. The communication style differs on the basis of gender differences. Female members require carefully chosen words and more flexible tone than do the male members. Female members are more sensitive to the linguistic peculiarities than males. The tone, facial expressions, body language, eye movement, gestures and actions must be in line with the message being conveyed. Females are more sensitive to the tone of voice and expressions on face. They require a flexible and soft attitude and work more efficiently if provided with specific instructions about the work. On the other hand male staff requires a more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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All of them are important so it is not a good idea to pinpoint one communication theory as more superior to the other theories. They have their own context so they are difficult to compare. For the paper, one of the three communication theories must be chosen and as a writer, I must reflect upon it based on his experience. The choice may come from the given three theories which are symbolic interactionism, semiotics, and social penetration. I have chosen symbolic interactionism for the paper and would relate it to my personal experience. Before anything else, it would be proper to know the meaning of symbolic interactionism first before reflecting upon it. The meaning of the theory would serve as the guiding light in understanding...
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...Verbal and Non-verbal Communication Affiliation Verbal and Non-verbal Communication In the modern society, communication is used freely by everyone. It is described as the relational avenue of creating and interpreting information that requires a response. It is a complex process that people view in different ways and deals with a wide array of matters that relate to many aspects of life. Communication involves giving and taking information and sending and receiving messages either through verbal or non-verbal communication. Communication plays the main role of tying people together in this diversified world. Our feelings, needs, wants...
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