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From the precpective of the human cognitive abilitis are current computer well designed - Essay Example

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Computing technology has rapidly evolved through the years, thanks to the many discoveries and inventions that have contributed to its development as we know it today. From the simple calculators to mechanical and electronic devices - Napier’s bones in 1617 to the touch…
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From the precpective of the human cognitive abilitis are current computer well designed
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"From the precpective of the human cognitive abilitis are current computer well designed"

Download file to see previous pages Here, according to Zaphiris and Ang (2009), human perception, memory, and attention are important because these are crucial in ensuring the minimal use of their efforts and interaction with technology in the ultimate aim of enhanced human-computer interaction –. (p. 2550) In the context of human-centered design, it is posited that there should be a convergence of the content information, the user, the designer, and infrastructure along with the enhancement of communication effectiveness. Norman suggested three requirements for a computer design that effectively addresses the human cognitive abilities. These are: 1) conceptual models which make invisible functions visible by using feedback, as the effect of an interaction, and explanations of its use; 2) constraints which are proactive measure to limit the choices of interaction and reduce human errors; and, 3) affordance is the perception and actual properties of the thing. It suggests how the device can be possibly operated. (cited in Zaphiris and Ang 2550)
With these variables in mind, it is easy to understand how the current computing technologies are well designed. Computers are currently designed after through analysis and synthesis of individual needs, cultural practice, preferences, and, yes, cognitive ability of its users. A specific demonstration of this is computer developers’ preoccupation with usability, visibility and functionality. In developing a computer operating system, for example, companies such as Microsoft and Apple are bent on reducing errors of everyday life by designing systems that feature easy navigation system, user-friendly environments, functional interface, memorability, lack of errors and user satisfaction, among other variables. This is also shown in the way designers create interaction tasks, techniques, devices and applications. The input-output relationship that characterize ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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