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Marketing Communications - Essay Example

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In the contemporary environment of competitive business, the technological advancements have brought forth an explosion of information that is easily accessible to public through the internet and other media like television, radio, mobile phones etc. The internet has made it…
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Marketing Communications
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"Marketing Communications"

Download file to see previous pages The inter-dependence of the various elements within the system has vast potential to establish a market that is sustainable as well as mutually satisfying. Indeed, as per the video (persuaders), one of the major challenges of modern integrated marketing is anticipating the changing requirements of the people and using effective advertising to connect emotionally with the people.
Kotler has defined IMC as the concept under which a company carefully integrates and coordinates its many communications channels to deliver a clear, consistent and compelling messages about the organization and its products (Kotler, 2009). Even though the customer base is increasing, it is becoming difficult not only to attract more customers but also to retain them. So, one need to add something ‘more’ on the existing products to make it more attractive without compromising much on the price. In fact, the more innovative the product and fancier the promotional techniques, the higher are its chances of capturing market space. Thereby, asserting that brands, advertising, and promotional techniques are very important tools of marketing.
Baker and Hart have asserted that ‘putting people into marketing is essential for many reasons’ and not the least being that all businesses fundamentally cater to the needs of the people (Baker & Hart, 2007). Advertisements and media play a very crucial role in the strategy planning and are often used to define company’s position vis-à-vis the market strategy for non market factors. A well defined market strategy is the key to success in any new market. The various media in the region are important tool to popularize the company and help establish its brand among the masses.
Analysis and identification of the changing trends of the customer requirements are important ingredients to gain leverage against their rivals. Understanding of consumer psychology, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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