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Health Project management - Essay Example

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Included in the issues are the main agenda, the tools to be used, the resources, the planning, the implementation of the actions and the completion and achievement of the goals (Dwyer,…
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Health Project management
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"Health Project management"

Download file to see previous pages After the determination of the main agenda, preliminary steps prior to implementation are undertaken such as the gathering of the tools and resources required in every aspect of administration and implementation of the objectives. After this, the planning phase required prior to implementation is needed. In the said phase the specific schedule of the actions are indicated (Dwyer, Stanton and Thiessen, 2004).
The culmination of the said phases is the implementation phase where the skills of the personnel, the leadership of the head and the teamwork and cooperation of the different units and members are crucial to the success of the project and the attainment of the goals and missions. The said factors are very crucial in the implementation of the health project since governance can make or break the goals of the project. If any of the said factors fail, the whole system is affected.
Facing project scope creep can be considered as a common phenomenon in the process of project implementation. This is a common case based on the fact that the plans are made and implemented by human being. Scope creep is defined as the ‘low-key’ incremental changes upon project implementation (Melton and Iles-Smith, 2009, p.118).
There are different issues related to scope creep such as requirements creep, feature creep and instruction creep. Requirements creep can be related to the changes in the scope of requirements due to the changes or variation in the disposition of the end user. In a health project, it can be related to the procedures required for a particular case, patient or project.
The feature creep on the other hand is related to the unforeseen features that can arise in the development of the project. These issues are often originating from the people implementing the project on the basis of the view to improve services. This is important to uphold the quality ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Health Project Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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