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1. Write concise notes on the policies, procedures and schedules that would be appropriate for environmental monitoring of microbial contamination in a Central Decontamination Unit/ Sterile services - Essay Example

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The responsibilities of decontamination units include reprocessing of reusable medical equipment and devices which need to be dismantled, decontaminated and reassembled under the care of a microscope before being sterilized. Utmost care is essential in the process because they…
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1. Write concise notes on the policies, procedures and schedules that would be appropriate for environmental monitoring of microbial contamination in a Central Decontamination Unit/ Sterile services
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"1. Write concise notes on the policies, procedures and schedules that would be appropriate for environmental monitoring of microbial contamination in a Central Decontamination Unit/ Sterile services"

Download file to see previous pages Appropriate measures have been taken by the authorities to destroy the emergence of bacteria, mold, yeast and other microorganism and thus prevent contamination. One such measure is the introduction of Ultra violet light equipment.
A procedure done under sterile conditions is known as Aseptic Technique. It refers to the procedures used by microbiologists to prevent contamination of themselves to prevent infection, contamination of their working environment and contamination of specimen on which they are working. One example is the techniques in hospital operation theatres, done to keep the patients free from microorganisms. It prevents infection. This is possible by using only sterile equipment and fluids during medical procedures.
Surgical asepsis procedure eliminates microorganisms from operation theaters and treatment areas. While in the operation theatre, all members of the surgical team show aseptic techniques, it is for the nurses to set up the sterile field.
Contamination control includes all activities which put an end to the creation, growth and propagation contamination in a certain area or surface or atmosphere. Its objective is to ensure level of cleanliness. An example of control of contamination is in ‘clean rooms’. The procedures to maintain a clean room include, strict clothing regulations for the staff, changing of clothes only in sterile conditions etc. Another example is laboratories of pharmaceuticals and life science sectors. It does not mean that the control is required only in medical field. It is also necessary in many other fields, for example, electronic industry, aeronautical industry, chemical and paint industries etc.
To prevent contamination of air, clean rooms with high efficiency filters like HEPA filters should be incorporated. Along with HEPA filters, high energy ultra violet light systems to demolish bacteria and viruses can be used.
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