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Universal Health Care - Essay Example

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Universal healthcare often has weighted resonance in political circles because it is very important to large segments of the population. “In 1996, it was…
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Universal Health Care
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"Universal Health Care"

Download file to see previous pages The current system of healthcare basically seeks community and society influences to make healthcare better for the average consumer, but some critics who advocate universal healthcare say that the system of managed care is run not by concern for the customer, but by the bottom line of profits. It is therefore not a community healthcare organization necessarily, but a consumer one. “Patients expect the managed care provider to help them manage their relationship with their health plan. Providers should supply patients with information about health plan changes by their employer and assistance in discussing their health plan preferences with their employer. The provider can encourage patients to take responsibility for their relationship with the health plan, but also should have processes in place to assist the patient in working with the health plan to address issues such as care denials or other service issues” (Tomczyk, 2002). This addresses customer service principles rather than general wellness.
consumer care, such as currently existing programs like Medicaid and Medicare that provide programs that increase accessibility for the poor and elderly. Other countries such as Canada have made medical care universally accessible to everybody in the country. Accessibility, as well as education, is an important goal. If a person is poor or elderly, they are going to be less likely in the US to get quality healthcare and have insurance, and in many cases, it is a problem of access as well as opportunity.
For poor minority immigrant families for example, “reducing Medicaid eligibility for these children will not necessarily save money as long as children remain eligible for costly emergency care” (RAND, 2002). Many immigrant families find it hard to navigate the existing pattern of federalized programs on a state and local level in terms of eligibility and access.
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