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Graduate Reflection Paper - Essay Example

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I feel that I have accomplished this and that part of my understanding comes from my introduction to the various educational and other theories. I saw evidence of behavioral theories in…
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Graduate Reflection Paper
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"Graduate Reflection Paper"

Download file to see previous pages I was very aware of Gardners 7 Intelligences and I attempted to gear as many lessons as possible to different learning styles so that all students were able to grasp the course. This spoke to my ability to accommodate and adapt learning materials. One example, is when I gave an assignment in which I allowed students to express themselves in their own way. Many students said they enjoyed this assignment.
I learned about myself as a facilitator. As an example, I found that adults ask many more questions than children. I also found that a facilitator must know the material very well because adults think on their feet. I feel that I have met.
In the second criteria (1b), I found it interesting to understand the differences between formal and informal groups. At my job, Ive found informal groups to be those that come together for a brainstorming session or to answer a particular questions that the business must answer. Often, these meet around lunch and they tend to be groups that come together for a short time. They can also come together as social groups. Formal groups usually come together under the direction of the head of the company of a specific supervisors needs. The formal groups must organize larger issues and create change within the company.
Groups have a variety of dynamics which may be difficult at times and a group can quickly become dysfunctional depending on the circumstances. As an example, when one person within the group becomes dominant in the group and they are not the leader, the group becomes dysfunctional because no one else has a chance to speak. To bring it back to function, the group leader must be able to maintain a balance between all people within the group. Each individual must be able to bring in their point of view during discussions so that they can feel heard.
The many readings in this area helped me become a better facilitator. As an example, The Kolun (2001) article gave several ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Graduate Reflection Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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