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Politics and Public Policy - Chapter 1-3 summary - Essay Example

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legislative, executive, judiciary and bureaucracy in respect of devising and implementation of public policies in the USA. The writer is of the opinion that the…
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Politics and Public Policy - Chapter 1-3 summary
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"Politics and Public Policy - Chapter 1-3 summary"

Download file to see previous pages The decisions taken by the State Supreme Court and Central Supreme Court affirm the war of interests being fought on the US soil. The legislatives make laws and pass bills related to allocation of benefits to those lobbies which have played pivotal role in their success and position; consequently they neglect the public welfare strategies for the elimination of poverty and unequal distribution of wealth, resources and opportunities from the US society. Since governors and chief executives of the states often belong to different political parties, there appears conflict of interest between the two, and it has become hard to make public policies for the best interests of the masses. The media is also the part of the lobbies existing in the USA, and pays due heed to trivial issues related to politicians, and neglect even the primary matters related to the masses. Hence every US institution is wasting its time and resources in idle pursuits, and creates obstacles in immediate relief and uplift of the people. Quick actions are necessary to be taken by the executive for the progress of society rather than entering into lengthy debates and passing as well as rejecting of thousands of bills in the legislative assembly.
CHAPTER 2: The chapter throws light on the urgent need of devising a comprehensive policy for the eradication of class conflict on the one hand, and socioeconomic strengthening of the US population on the other. The author submits to state that public policies must discourage racial, ethnic, religious and gender discriminations prevailing the in the society by forcefully applying principles of equality, justice and fair play at national scale. The concept of free market and independent policies of entrepreneurship does not mean that the producers should have every right to exploit of the masses by trouncing them under the chariot wheels of their personal financial benefits. It is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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