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Business CourseWork (Should NewPostcom Introduce a 10-day military training course) - Essay Example

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It focuses on determining whether telecommunication firms such as New Postcom should introduce a 10-day military training course for new employees, in…
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Business CourseWork (Should NewPostcom Introduce a 10-day military training course)
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"Business CourseWork (Should NewPostcom Introduce a 10-day military training course)"

Download file to see previous pages mployees declared the training beneficial for their discipline, confidence and incentive to work as well as for future teamwork collaborations, something that is evident from their professional record as well. The costs of the military training were recorded, as well as the difficulties in the way of the launch of such a training course. However, in view of the great benefits of such a program, as well as keeping in mind the positive results and cost effectiveness thereof, it is recommended that the training course be launched.
This project will undertake to discover whether it is practical for telecommunications firms, such as New Postcom, to introduce a 10 day military training course for its new employees. It was observed that some firms have concluded that the new generation of Chinese professionals lacks the professionalism to function effectively at work. Some of the senior managers have laid the blame on the pampering of the new generation that was brought up under the One-child policy of China; being the only child at home, the young professionals were pampered a great deal by their parents and, consequently, did not develop a responsible and independent character. Therefore, some of these employees, who lacked the incentive to work hard professionally, underwent a 10 day military training course in order to improve their professional skills: motivation, confidence and hard work.
The project aims at finding out whether such a military course would, indeed, be so beneficial. This would be done by surveying the employees who have underwent such a training course to find out if they felt any benefits of the training course. They will be handed questionnaires to answer that would help gauge their feelings concerning the course. Direct interviews, both of the employees and the employers who are supervising them, will also be conducted. The first set of interviews, as well as the questionnaires, will shed light on what benefits the course had on the employees, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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