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Improving a Maintenance Management System and the Productivity for Safaniya Onshore Plants - Essay Example

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Maintenance has a major role in achieving the desired objectives for any company. Maintenance management is an integrated and systematic…
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Improving a Maintenance Management System and the Productivity for Safaniya Onshore Plants
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"Improving a Maintenance Management System and the Productivity for Safaniya Onshore Plants"

Download file to see previous pages An integrated system of maintenance is achieved when the maintenance policy and objectives are established as a foundational component. It is very important to define the quality of maintenance management systems by having the full details for all covered stages of the industry. Retaining high quality of maintenance reflects the reliability of equipment and will generate a positive impact on the level and the efficiency of production. Maintenance activities of any industry need to be planned and organized under a systemic framework; this will ultimately result in the development of the appropriate strategy for the maintenance system, harnessing the maintenance effort to the appropriate places.
The process of maintenance should be managed for many reasons. These include: keeping continuous updates, increasing life assets, reducing long term costs, meeting a competitive challenge, and helping address and control deterioration before it occurs.
As is well known, the petroleum sector is one of the most important revenue sources for Arabian Gulf Countries. There are many companies working under this sector in the Arabian Gulf and we will focus on one of them in our project. Saudi Aramco is a global petroleum company that is in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1988. Saudi Aramco is the world leader in the production and exportation of oil. It is also considered the largest natural gas liquids exporter and a major producer of this natural gas. Safaniya Onshore Plants are considered one of the largest Aramco Company plants on the Arabian Gulf Sea.
Safaniya producing division consists of five plants SGOSP-1, A/H Desalters, Utility, ZWCH (A/M) and Gas Compression Plant. Safaniya A/H facilities are designed to produce 1200 MBCD at 30% water cut with salt content less than 10 PTB. Safaniya A/M facilities are designed to produce 1200 MBCD at 10% water cut with salt content less than 10 PTB.
Safaniya gas compression plant consists of two major sections -- offshore and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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