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Outline for Artist Research and Comparison - Essay Example

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The abovementioned four painters have been significant contributors in the field of art and that is one of the major reasons of choosing them for the paper. In specific, Tomma Abts is an abstract painter from Germany, and the foremost factor of selecting her work for the…
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Outline for Artist Research and Comparison
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"Outline for Artist Research and Comparison"

Download file to see previous pages 36-45). Besides Tomma, Daniel Buren is another painter whose works were successful in inspiring me for this paper. In particular, Daniel is a conceptual artist who represents the art movement of Abstract Minimalism, so he somehow relates with Tomma in some ways. Moreover, regarding his artistic style, he is more into sculptures and integration of art into historical buildings that is a noteworthy characteristic of this artist (Temkin, pp. 216-236). Brice Marden is the third artist that found his place in this paper. He is another painter that represents the Abstract Art movement, and specifically, the Abstract Minimalism (Marden & Keller, pp. 23-49). Despite being an abstract painter, his works relate especially with the landscape and nature that is a unique and unusual attribute about an abstract painter. Lastly, Blinky Palermo was an abstract painter from Germany who dies in the year 1977. One of the major reasons of choosing this painter was his integration of abstract art into fabric paintings and colorings that put him aside other artists from the Abstract Art movement. Although he was an abstract painter, but experts have related his works with Constructivism, as well as Modernist Art movement (Temkin, pp. 216-236).
After analyzing different studies and works of the four painters, the final paper will be including investigation and scrutiny of two painters, Tomma Abts and Brice Marden. It is an observation that both painters enjoy few similarities in their relationship, as well as some differences that distinguish them from each other. For instance, both represent the movement of Abstract Art that brings them under a single umbrella, and it will be easier to analyze their works from a single lens. Detailed study of Tomma Abts (Hoptman & Hainley, pp. 22-27) has indicated that her works seem abstract in an ideal manner; as none of her works seem to represent or deliver any kind of theme ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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