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Argument and further work - Essay Example

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It is known that oxaliplatin demonstrates a wide variety of antitumor activities. It has been proposed by Ngan et al. (2008) that by experimental data, it can be hypothesised…
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Argument and further work
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"Argument and further work"

Download file to see previous pages To investigate further this hypothesis, this emerging area of research needs further work, where study of interaction of oxaliplatin with survivin may lead to more insight into this phenomenon (Ngan et al. 2008). Since survivin is an expressed protein, its detection would need specific procedure, and hence the question is whether selection of Western Blot test is an appropriate one for this purpose. In Western Blotting, polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE) is considered to be the standard tool of protein analysis. The survivin analysis involves reaction with an antibody, and from this perspective, sufficient information can be gathered by employing a staining technique employed for the proteins in the gel. From these two angles deployment of Western Blot analysis offers many advantages, which are improved accessibility to these proteins offering ease of handling and the advantage of storing the immobilized proteins for future analysis (Fowler, 1995). There are several instances in experimental literature on survivin expression in response to oxaliplatin that use Western Blot assay. Fujie et al. (2005) has used anti-survivin rabbit polyclonal antibody to detect survivin under-expression in oxaliplatin treated cancer cell lines with commendable success (Fujie et al. 2005). Wilson et al. (2008) also used Western Blot tests to detect markedly reduced expression of survivin in oxaliplatin treated cells (Wilson et al. (2008). Prewett et al. (2007) also demonstrated how Western Blot could be used to demonstrate oxaliplatin suppressed survivin expression (Prewett et al. 2007).
The effect of oxaliplatin on the number of the cytosol can be investigated by immunohistochemistry method. In this method, some antibodies against cytosolic proteins have been used. This proposition is based on the idea that is apoptosis induced by oxaliplatin is partly contributed to by Cytochrome C mediated triggers, then the anticancer activity of oxaliplatin can be quantified by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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