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Critical Reaction of Black Cinema : A Raisin in the sky (1961, Daniel Petrie) - Essay Example

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The setting of this movie shows the different concepts that were related to the civil rights movement and the racial tensions…
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Critical Reaction of Black Cinema : A Raisin in the sky (1961, Daniel Petrie)
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"Critical Reaction of Black Cinema : A Raisin in the sky (1961, Daniel Petrie)"

Download file to see previous pages Specifically, the film represents the several ideas of trying to find identity as African – Americans overcoming slavery.
The first way that “A Raisin in the Sun” shows the two opposing sides from the civil rights movement is through the setting. The first way that this is seen is through the apartment in which most of the film is set. This particular setting is one that represents the lifestyle of African Americans during this time period. However, throughout the film, there is a desire to move into a larger house with a garden and two stories. The wife states at some point, “say goodbye to the old, tired walls.” This statement is one that shows how the setting is the old identity of slavery and African – Americans. The movement to the new house is one that has a “whole lot of sunlight,” and which represents the idea of freedom through the setting. The other small settings that are shown depict the traditional ways in which African – Americans are looked at. For instance, when the husband goes to work, he is required to take care of a white man that is richer and which shows a sense of division between the working class and color. The identity seen through the setting is one that is always trying to overcome identity from the poverty of African – Americans and into something that holds a different identity of freedom.
The second way in which the tradition and modern representations are represented is through each of the characters. Mama shows the traditional African – Americans through her commitment to the home and work. Bennie shows the other side of this, which is the liberation of women and African – Americans with her dreams to be a doctor. This is seen best in one scene, which Bennie begins to talk about how there is no God. Mama responds by slapping her and making her say that she has to believe in God in the home. The difference between liberation and tradition within the home is seen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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