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Deportation at Breakfast (1991 - Essay Example

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It is the first feed of the day, with many more eats to follow during the course of the day. In the short story, "Deportation at Breakfast" by Larry Fondation, the setting is crucial in communicating the mood of the story. It depicts the hunger of…
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Deportation at Breakfast (1991
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"Deportation at Breakfast (1991"

Download file to see previous pages It initially looks like an enigma, is the pivotal point of the story around which the future of the protagonist revolves and evolves! The protagonist has distanced himself from others and placed himself in the middle of the action, willing to face the uncertainties and eventualities. The other characters are engaged in carefree gossip, and are unable to appreciate the important developments that will take place at the counter, shortly. It is going to be a decisive moment in the life for the protagonist. The police invade the diner, none notices it except the protagonist. Javier is led away from behind the counter, and a new phase in his life begins. It is a moment of decision for the protagonist and he takes the right one according to his well-guided conscience, gets off the sidelines, he is no more a fence-sitter, and he is in to the game by crossing over to the counter to assume the responsibilities held by Javier, until police whisked him away. Thus, the protagonist fills in the role previously held by Javier, admirably,is there well in time to make the life changing decision. What happens to the protagonist once he crosses over to the other side of the fence, is altogether a different issue. For example, the mighty mountain remains under the feet of the conqueror. Success, however, is not the level of ones achievements in life. It is the process of living—how boldly one meets the challenges of life! No individual is a failure unless one admits defeat! Protagonist deserves full appreciation, for he honors the process of living and does what is right for his future, under the circumstances. Readiness is what matters in life, whether at the individual level or at the highest level to decide an issue. In his inaugural address after taking oath of office on 20th January 1961 John Kennedy said, "For only when our arms are sufficient beyond ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Deportation at Breakfast by Larry Fondation
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