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Illustration (200 words and See assignment listed in discription below - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Friends not only share joy, accomplishment, grief and loss or disaster, but could also cause them. This is because friends are emotionally empowered to…
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Illustration essay (200 words and See assignment listed in discription below
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"Illustration (200 words and See assignment listed in discription below"

Download file to see previous pages People traditionally turn to their friends for help and advice; therefore, friends have an overwhelming influence on virtually everybody. Usually, a person’s close associates have their own goals, which expectedly rub off on him. Hence, the nature and intensity of their choices and lifestyles would expectedly mirror or be mirrored by that person’s. If they are small thinkers, the same will the result of his thought processes and attitudes. If, on the other hand, they are ambitious and purpose-driven, he will naturally follow suit. Also, the way they react to losses and setbacks will influence his judgment calls on such. Though they usually develop and pursue their own ideas and ambitions, people often depend on the input and opinions of their friends. Finally, friends make worthy companions in times of distress, need or bereavement. As the cliché goes, “a friend in need is a friend indeed.”
3. First draft: Friends generally reflect and help build a person’s dreams and career goals. Usually, a person’s friends have their own goals, which rub off on his/him. If they think small, same will be the result of his thought process/attitude. Also, the way they react to setbacks will influence his judgment calls on such. Although people have their own ideas, they depend, directly or otherwise, on their friends’ opinions. Finally, friends directly influence a person directly by advising and suggesting things to him.
The pneumatic drill is a large, heavy tool, used mainly for maintenance work. Also known as the jackhammer, the drill is used often for maintenance purposes on roads, sidewalks and to break rocks. The pneumatic drill’s head is shaped like the handlebars of a bicycle or motorcycle, so it is operated by both hands; a firm grip is needed. The drill, which is attached to the head of the machine like a bayonet, bores, cuts, breaks, crushes and tears the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Illustration Essay (200 Words and See Assignment Listed in Discription Admission/Application)
Illustration Essay (200 Words and See Assignment Listed in Discription Admission/Application.
“Illustration Essay (200 Words and See Assignment Listed in Discription Admission/Application”, n.d.
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