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Analyze a news paper - Essay Example

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It is easy for people to look at a newspaper and simply accept what it says as truth without really considering the quality of the information being presented. The best way to analyze the quality of a newspaper is by looking closely at the articles it runs. The process of a…
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Analyze a news paper
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"Analyze a news paper"

Download file to see previous pages t consider the nature of the audience by asking who the articles are targeted for, what type of information are they offering based on the types of language being used. By examining an issue of a newspaper such as The Chronicle for evidence of the process, the motive and the audience, one can get a better idea of the newspaper’s quality.
The process of a newspaper refers to the types of information the issue contains and what this reveals about the paper’s persuasion. A look through the titles of the articles suggests the paper carries a pro-institution persuasion as the main thrust of the issue explores the concept of for-profit college systems as the new wave for the future. Information offered in the most current issue of the newspaper includes titles such as “For-Profit Colleges Change Higher Education’s Landscape”, “Private Giving to Colleges Dropped Sharply in 2009”, “In a Booming California Suburb, Fertile Ground for For-Profit Colleges” and “In Cutting Programs, Universities Try to Swing the Ax Gently.” In these titles, there is enthusiasm for the for-profit concept and discouraging news for the non-profit sector. The Chronicle of Higher Education makes no attempt to disguise its affiliation with the institutions, however, so this persuasion is not surprising. In the case of the article about cutting programs, for example, a great deal of information is provided regarding the extreme difficulties college boards are having in trying to tighten the budget while retaining as many programs as possible.
This begins to introduce the question of the motive. Why would a newspaper have such a persuasion in their reporting? What are they hoping to achieve in reporting on these issues? Because the newspaper is strongly affiliated with the higher education institutions, it stands to reason that they would take a stance strongly supportive of the institutional viewpoint. Sympathetic to the difficulties being experienced by universities ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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