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Millions of money is lost every year for security breaches. Security breaches have been a major problem for both businesses and countries as a whole. The attack on the US on 9/11 underlined the need…
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Download file to see previous pages This results in the access of unauthorized persons in the sensitive database of the company. Therefore, security measures should be beefed up and done in an efficient manner to abolish the threats caused by the breaches in security.
The world has been haunted by major security breaches in the recent years. In some instance, it has caused loss of numerous lives and huge amounts of money. The most dangerous breach of security in the history of the world was the attack of 9/11. A group of men from Western Asia hijacked four planes and drove them into the Twin Towers and Pentagon. This incident posted doubts all over the world as USA is one of the safest countries and the security of that country was breached. It was understood that no country in this world is safe anymore from the hands of the terrorists. (9-11 Research). Despite the incident, which caused thousands of lives and millions of dollars, no adequate measures were taken to beef up security procedure in the USA. Rather they were interested in plundering the countries of Afghanistan and Iraq in Asia. The fact is further strengthened by the recent incidents in the US of the same category. During the Christmas, a Nigerian boarded a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit carrying a bomb. Surprisingly he evaded security checks and was almost successful in planting the bomb. (Morris & Gregan). In the New Year party arranged at the White House by President Obama, several uninvited guests were seen present. Surprisingly, the authorities were not even aware of the mishap until the next day. It was an embarrassing situation as it involved the White House and the President. It brought forward the question again about the security issues. The country should increase the vigilance measures to avoid such incidents in the days to come.
There has been considerable amount of security breaches in business organizations as well. Business houses all over the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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