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How to graduate high school students with a sense of pride and accomplishment - Essay Example

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Every student begins college-life with a dream and as graduation day arrives, it turns out to be the testing time. One suddenly realizes that the time…
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How to graduate high school students with a sense of pride and accomplishment
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Download file to see previous pages The beginning and end of the school year are ideal times to focus on dreams and goals. Heres an activity set for starting and ending the school year right.” (Begin....)
At every stage of life, dreams are important but the dream of a student is more important. It is the dream of the combustible younger generation, and it has a strong impact on the future life of students. The teachers are aware of this fact. Strong motivation and encouraging words play important role. Let us examine the following two motivational sentences.
Dear is to be lived in its trials, tribulations, in duty and in beauty. My best wishes are with you always. May you accomplish all your dreams. May you get what you deserve in life.--highly encouraging. Perhaps these words will be remembered for life, by a student.
The teachers should help to provide a realistic attitude to students to face the vicissitudes of life. Painting a rosy picture about their future lives will not serve any purpose. Give them correct assessments. Give them a dream; give them a goal. Without a goal, the life of students will be directionless and destination-less. As students, they are, let us say, strolling on the sea-shore. On graduation, they need to plunge to take the sea-bath. The students must be encouragingly told—now that you are going for the sea bath, be not afraid of the oncoming waves. If the waves are powerful, duck them; if the waves are friendly dance with them; when the waves are normal, swim your way further! Bid your time, know your direction!
In college days, the students learn the theory of art of living. Beyond that they need a fresh start as the time has arrived to translate into action the theory knowledge. What is theory after all? It is other mans experience! The students need to be told through encouraging words that they are on the threshold of negotiating rough and tough turns in their lives. They need to be mentally prepared for good, better and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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