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Self-care through diet and exercise: affect on health and healthcare costs - Research Paper Example

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Self-care refers to voluntary activities that promote personal health especially by protecting one’s body from opportunistic health complications that arise from inactivity (Kathy & James, 2007). These are for example obesity, stress and depression etc. These activities are…
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Self-care through diet and exercise: affect on health and healthcare costs
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"Self-care through diet and exercise: affect on health and healthcare costs"

Download file to see previous pages This essay is a critical evaluation of self-care in diet and exercise as a personal responsibility which has affects health and health care costs.
Self-care through dieting and exercise is a voluntary activity that requires one to have self motivation in everything that he or she does in order to accomplish the desired results. It may true to say that most of the ailments that attacks people especially the older generation results to from poor eating habits and lack of exercises (Kathy & James, 2007). These are for example diabetes, stress, depression among others, which can be prevented through activities such as walking, jogging, cycling as well as enrolling into self-care programs such as gyms where there are professional instructors who can drive someone through the exercises. This in result can be said to be inversely proportional to health costs due to the fact that preventive measures, though they may seem to be expensive.
Self-care calls for frequent preventive measures which we have to implement to improve our healthcare. Frequent exercise is fundamental in the maintenance of our physical body fitness. So as to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we need to improve the capacity, the strength, and the general flexibility of our bodies and thus this can be achieved through a scheduled exercise plan coupled with a balanced diet. Intensive and vigorous exercise increases the heartbeat as well as sweating which excretes unnecessary wastes from the body; this should be done at least for 20-60 minutes a day (International Federation of Sports and Medicine, 2005). Moreover, it improves the cardiovascular capacity as well as increasing the release of endorphins which play a fundamental role in managing depression and stress. Frequent exercise burns excess calories thus reducing cases of obesity.
Recent research has proven that a little exercise per day is better than none ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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