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Nickeled and Dimed - Essay Example

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Barbara Ehrenreich’s book Nickel and Dimed was a result of an investigative journalism that the author undertook at the behest of Lewis Lapham, the editor of Harper’s. The main idea behind this was to check the groundwork reality of American poverty within the low wage work…
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Nickeled and Dimed
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"Nickeled and Dimed"

Download file to see previous pages Ehrenreich, during her ‘investigation’, held onto her car and her ATM cards, to be used in emergencies, and when the going got tough she promptly moved away from that job. However, her experiment succeeded to get an idea of the American low wage work force and find out the daily hardships and the various bureaucratic pitfalls that affect the lives of these poor people. Barbara Ehrenreich in her book also gives these working people a human face, which touches the heart of almost all readers.
As one reads the book the question that comes uppermost in one’s mind is that, is it really possible to survive by earning something as low as 6-7$ per hour? In reality, as Ehrenreich starts her “low-wage life” (Ehrenreich, 39), she finds that there are many Americans who do such work every day. Besides getting low wages, as Ehrenreich notes, these people must make various cuts to be able to make the multiple payments, necessary to get by. These include food, rent, children, health insurance, and automobile insurance, amongst various other payments that must be paid from the low salary, which these people receive. As Ehrenreich tries to make these payments from her low wages, she falls short each time, even as she keeps on changing her job and location. She befriends many of her co-workers and learns how they manage to survive through all such hardships. While working as a waitress, she learns of a woman who sleeps in her car, as she cannot afford to hire a house with her meager earnings. Here again Ehrenreich talks of another waitress Lucy, who has an ailing leg and needs treatment. However, she cannot get the medical aid she needs, as she does not have any health insurance owing to her poor salary. While working in ‘Merry Maids’ as a house help Ehrenreich comments “although no one, apparently, is sleeping out of their car, there are signs…of real difficulty…” (Ehrenreich, 79). Here she meets ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich
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Nickel and Dimed writing about, but this does not mean her book is invalid. She is like an investigative journalist, exposing the real story. This book made me think twice about my own relationship to the working poor, because the author is very detailed in their descriptions. It also made me think about putting the division of labor into a societal framework, putting a more current, human face on the subject than is often found in the past reliance and theoretical, generalized examples. “I tried to stick to these rules (of science),” Ehrenreich states in her personal narrative, “but in the course of the project, all of them were bent or broken at some time” (Ehrenreich 2001). By any standpoint, however, we can see that poverty is a significant...
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