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Is there any room for cultural relativism in the concept of human rights - Book Report/Review Example

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Cultural relativism is one of the concepts linked with the perception of human rights. In the definition presented by Jack Donnelly in his work Universal…
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Is there any room for cultural relativism in the concept of human rights
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"Is there any room for cultural relativism in the concept of human rights"

Download file to see previous pages On the basis of the trend through history it can be considered that due to the social and technological development, the human civilization is moving from prioritizing cultural relativism to giving more importance to the universal concept of human rights. This can be observed in the changing views of the people regarding the differences in culture. Cultural relativism is founded on the notion that the cultural norms and morality comes first. This is commonly equated to the disregard of human rights as that of the caste system and slavery. Since the periods in history where these events are evident and even considered as the norms, people started to advocate human rights. This advocacy became universal because through the united movement, the effects of cultural relativism can be alienated (p.89-91).
In the query of having a room and opportunity for cultural relativism in the concept of human rights, the answer is positive. This can be attributed to the fact that both concepts are relative. Cultural relativity is based on the priority of the group or community, thus, when there is common ground with the universal concept of human rights this opportunity is achieved. Such cases can be considered as an optimum event since there is less amount of conflict and the positive aspects of each concept can be put into use. Cultural relativism is important in the upholding of human individuality or diversity which is the manner by which every organism in nature is bound to thrive. On the other hand, giving importance to human rights is also important to protect the welfare of the people. Thus, it is important to focus in the achievement of the co-existence between the two concepts (p.91).
The practice and implementation of universal human rights is a complex process on the basis of the fact that it can significantly be affected by numerous ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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