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Decisions in Paradise, Part I - Assignment Example

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I assume the role of Nik who is employed at an FMCG organization namely SWIFT corporation (hypothetical) that is involved in production of daily consumer products such as chocolates, toothpastes, soaps etc. I have been chosen by my company to formulate a strategy that could be…
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Decisions in Paradise, Part I
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Download file to see previous pages sters’ affected country where main threats are natural calamities such as earthquakes, Tsunami, Typhoons/Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods and Volcanic eruptions. In addition, there are other possible threats of HIV, Petroleum spill, Avian flu and Terrorism. Secondly, the economic evaluation and assessment have made it clear that KAVA is heavily dependent on agricultural products. It becomes evident that there are very few industries and thus there is a huge business scope due to availability of cheap quality labor. The third issue is that my company is greatly affected from the goods and services produced and sold by KAVA because it is a provider of raw-materials especially cocoa. Fourth issue is about the fact that my company might find good business opportunities in KAVA if we take part in its construction and rehabilitation.
Apparently, one of the major forces involved in problem formulation in Kava is its immunity to natural threats that I have already mentioned above. Furthermore, the potential risks associated with this country may include poor purchasing power because the country is heavily dependent on agriculture, tourism, fishing and other natural resources instead of manufacturing and selling of finished products. Undoubtedly, industrialization results in more jobs and better purchasing power that further leads to creation of a new market of various products. Secondly, in order to accomplish our goals and objectives of accomplishing a clear and distinctive image in the mind of Kava residents, a mammoth sum of money have to be allocated to initiate a solid Corporate Responsibility Program. The company may face some internal and external ground factors in execution of its program which will be developed on the principles of Corporate Philanthropy. In addition, Kava is turning out to be ‘melting pot’ so marketing and selling tactics or tools have to prudently employed to win the attention of potential consumers. Special attention has to be paid ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Decisions in Paradise, Part I Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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