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What role did women play in the Solidarity Movement during Communism in Poland - Research Paper Example

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The ten million-members Solidarity movement that the anticommunist opposition men and women formed in 1980 comprised half men and half women, although the leadership was all men. The movement, which was the first and lone free trade union movement in Eastern Europe, lived a…
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What role did women play in the Solidarity Movement during Communism in Poland
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Extract of sample "What role did women play in the Solidarity Movement during Communism in Poland"

Download file to see previous pages The thesis of the research to be undertaken is the assessment of the role that women played in the Solidarity Movement during Communism in Poland, particularly how they helped in abolishing Communism in Poland.
The proposed research can prove to be significant to the government in establishing the potential in women as leaders and to artists as it can enable them make proper and informed judgments when depicting women’s resistance of communism in their works. In addition, it can provide students with useful information on the significance of women in abolishing of communism in Poland while scholars would have established research to further explore or expand upon the dethroning of communism in Poland.
In a personal interview on December 22, 2000 by Levy and his co-authors, Biedak asserts that on introduction of the martial law, the military that took over rounded up and arrested most of the Solidarity’s leaders at a time they had come together for a significant meeting. They paid little attention to women in arresting them since their work, as the support staff of the men who signed their names to articles and made the speeches, was largely invisible.
Having escaped arrest, seven women two days later undertook the first steps in the lengthy protest march that dethroned communism in Poland in the 1980s. They started Solidarity over as an underground organization and took upon themselves the crucial obligation of preserving its authority and voice thus preventing its vanishing. In their first meeting, while six of them sat down to find the way forward, one of them by the name Ewa Kulik, who Penn personally interviewed, took on the responsibility of contacting and finding any of the elected Solidarity leaders who managed to escape arrest. She found Kulerski first, then Bujak, both of whom had been hiding in homes in Ursus (Penn, 2006).
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