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Example from your personal experience in applying critical thinking to a work-related decision - Assignment Example

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Critical thinking is an approach towards an argument or an observation made by other persons or a group of people on a certain subject (Browne, 2000). It involves the evaluation of these arguments to determine whether there is a justified reason as to why the results should be…
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Example from your personal experience in applying critical thinking to a work-related decision
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Download file to see previous pages The ability to think critically fairly depends on one’s experiences in various environmental situations in life (Inch, 2001). It is therefore not possible to define it in measurable terms due to the fact that every person has a certain level of knowledge and experiences that enable them to think critically and as such it may be true to say that acquiring the skills is a lifelong activity. Due to its importance, most colleges and universities are taking the responsibility of empowering their students with the professional skills of thinking critically (Browne, 2000). As such students are given tasks related to a certain activity based on someone else’s judgment or thinking so that they can evaluate the facts and sense of such decisions and come up with a viable conclusion on the same. The students are expected to think from their own perspectives as well as that of the initiator of the argument, with the help of information they have on similar decisions probably by quoting from past events that are related to the issues at hand.
A good critical thinker is required to have among other characteristics, the ability to challenge decisions by raising vital questions, which are well formulated and precise (Browne, 2000). By doing so, arguments are raised and if the person proposing a decision fails to answer the questions as expected, then he would be required to accept that his is not the best. However, when formulating those questions, it is vital to base them on facts that can be proved and he should also have an alternative plan in mind in order for him to be able to convince the other parties involved. If the questions are answered properly, and the initiator of the discussion manages to defend his plans, then the result would be that his would be the best alternative to adopt. This implies that a critical thinker should be a person who faces challenges with an open mind and therefore should not approach them with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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