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Tips for a 5th Grade Student Entering Middle School (6th Grade) - Essay Example

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I was happy because I was going to enter into the high school; however, it was gloomy as I had a great time during three years at the…
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Tips for a 5th Grade Student Entering Middle School (6th Grade)
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Extract of sample "Tips for a 5th Grade Student Entering Middle School (6th Grade)"

Download file to see previous pages unior school to the middle school results in the same feelings for every student; however, it brings new opportunities to develop and prove your capabilities in front of rest of the world (Consalvo, 2005). In brief, the 3-year journey at the middle school is all about the notion of change that plays an influential role in a student’s life, and that decides the nature of experience a student has during this period (Haffner, pp. 105-108).
Transition from a senior at the junior school to a junior at the middle school requires a number of changes from a student, and it is very important that the student to prepare himself/herself for the expectations of the higher platform. In the junior school, I was a child or merely a kid depending on parents at home, teachers at school, and friends in the playground. However, middle school provided a sense of independence to me that every child acquires at the commencement of the middle school (Haffner, pp. 105-108). Thus, the foremost recommendation is to remain prepared for new surprises, challenges, tasks, etc while facing them as opportunities to become successful in the school.
In this regard, independence is the major attribute of the middle school; however, it comes with the responsibility of fulfilling obligations individually. This may seem fun-filled experience, and it was a thrilling journey; however, it did require many efforts. For instance, academically, schoolwork suddenly becomes more difficult, as things transform from descriptive to analytical, and teachers expect students to be more logical and interpretive in their thoughts. On contrary, I was depending all the time on teachers and parents to help me in the schoolwork during the junior school; however, this practice changes when parents, as well as teachers start depending on the students to put efforts and prove the skills.
Besides academic complexities, middle school is also the period of transition from a child to an adult physically, and these physical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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