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MIH 514 - Cross Cultural Health Perspectives (Mod 2 CBT) - Essay Example

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This would amount, in effect, to curbing employees’ right for expressing in a language in which they are comfortable, and in more ways than one, infringing on their personal rights. Besides, to top it all, it is discriminatory and seeking to further parochial interests which,…
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MIH 514 - Cross Cultural Health Perspectives (Mod 2 CBT)
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Download file to see previous pages However, I feel this would do more harm than good.
Although it is widely believed that English, being the most popular and frequently used language of most Americans and people of British origin, this by itself is not sufficient justification, by any stretch of imagination, to warrant an absolute and arbitrary enforcement to enforce this language on a member of a minority race, or a person with limited or no knowledge of this language. “Some employers impose restrictions against the use of a language other than English in their workplaces. Reasons given for the restrictions include: The use of a foreign language in a workplace is inappropriate; English has been made the official language of their state and safety and public relations require that only English be spoken.” (William, 1993, para.1).
I believe that propagation of English language does not necessarily have to be made at the cost of denigrading other languages. Besides, placing any kind of imposition on the use or non-use of any language to propagate the usage of English, could be tantamount to Anglo mania, and needs to be unanimously condemned. The proposed rule is that they are going to vote on a policy that will require all employees to speak only English at all times in the work place. This is the culmination of events leading to increasing numbers of members of minority groups being hired by the organization and several complaints from employees and customers, which has caused a great deal of distress and anxieties to the majority members of the workforce. I am firmly of the view that an employment policy, or practice that applies to everyone, regardless of race, color, can be discriminatory, or illegal if any one of the following set of circumstances is envisaged:
The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, (EEOC) is committed to prevent any kind of discrimination in the workplace arising, inter alia, due to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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