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Explain the differences between a group and a team - Assignment Example

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The corporate world stresses the importance of team building, not group building. The team works for a common purpose, and the inter-connectivity between the members of the team is strong…
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Explain the differences between a group and a team
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Download file to see previous pages The formation of group is easy than a team. If an auditorium is filled with medical professionals, they could be grouped according to gender, expertise, experience, age, specialty etc. The effectiveness is a different issue. In the group total comparability is only the ideal, it rarely occurs. When points view of the group members differ, achieving consensus is a difficult task for a leader.
A team is a responsive unit and formed to achieve a particular goal or group of functions. A team leader is seized of the final goal of the team, in advance. Though the process of forming a them is difficult, may involve much spadework, deliberations and consultations, once the profess is accomplished, the working is smooth. There is not much room for differences as the final objective is the same. Take for example a construction team. It may consist of an architect, an accountant, an engineer, a supervisor, a sales manager and a secretary.
A collection of people and counseling them for a cause does not evolve them into a team. Teams have definite features that set them apart from group. Generally, a team consists of a small number of individuals, with complimentary skills and all of them are committed for a common purpose, they have target-oriented performance goals. They have a common approach and as such they consider themselves mutually accountable.
They are a responsive and responsible unit. The membership of a team is definable, generally not more than twelve. Their functioning is mutually dependent and they can be compared to the steps of a ladder. They know the import and importance of the term “we” than the syllable “I.”
The working of the team is dynamic, the performance is measured directly and the collective work products are linked to financial performance of the business. The results can be quantified, everyday, when necessary. The team meetings are held often, the problem-solving is taken up ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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