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Biology BSc third year biotech project; Manipulating Biomass and PHA Production in batch and continuous cultures of Paracoccus denitrificans - Lab Report Example

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In addition if we take the square root of the regression, we find that the correlation coefficient is almost 1, indicating that as 1/S increases 1/V also increases.
From the Graph,…
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Biology BSc third year biotech project; Manipulating Biomass and PHA Production in batch and continuous cultures of Paracoccus denitrificans
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Extract of sample "Biology BSc third year biotech project; Manipulating Biomass and PHA Production in batch and continuous cultures of Paracoccus denitrificans"

Download file to see previous pages This proves that the product formation is dependent on the substrate concentration.
The concentration of the protein present in the given culture was determined using the Bradford assay at an absorbance of 595 nm. These readings are plotted against the standard protein data curve to find the actual concentration of the protein formed at various time intervals. It was found that the concentration of the protein was maximum after 69 hours.
The biomass concentration was found after the 96 hours of culture for the different concentrations of the substrate succinate. It is found that the biomass concentration was maximum for the 50mM concentration. As the PHB are found inside the bacteria, if the biomass is higher then the PHB concentration is also found to be higher. Thus indicating that at a succinate substrate concentration of 50mM, the biomass and the PHB concentration was found to be higher.
The biomass concentration was determined after the 96 hours culture. The concentration of the acetate varied from 10mM to 50mM. It is found that as the concentration of the acetate was increased, the biomass concentration was also found to increase. If the biomass concentration is higher then the PHB concentration must be also very high.
From the graph, it was found that the biomass concentration was maximum after 60 hours and the concentration of the protein was maximum during the third day of the culture. From this graph we can find that the concentration of the protein was maximum after the cells have crossed the log phase.
When the growth curve of P.denitrificans was observed in both continuous and anaerobic culture, it was found that the growth was higher in continuous culture. Comparatively the growth was 10 fold higher in the continuous culture
When the growth of the bacteria was compared in different concentrations of succinate at aerobic and anaerobic cultures, it was observed that the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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