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Linguistic analysis of Gypsie's (ROMANI) dialect of Cyprus (I WOULD LIKE ONLY A PROPOSAL) - Research Paper Example

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(Bakker 2000) Evolution of their language, especially, begs serious investigation. Academic and ethnic studies have largely ignored the existence of this enclave: a glaring…
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Linguistic analysis of Gypsies (ROMANI) dialect of Cyprus (I WOULD LIKE ONLY A RESEARCH PROPOSAL)
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Extract of sample "Linguistic analysis of Gypsie's (ROMANI) dialect of Cyprus (I WOULD LIKE ONLY A PROPOSAL)"

Download file to see previous pages Romani is a phenomenon of Indic language - the only one - spoken without interruption in Europe since medieval times (Gray 2003).
Academic and ethnic studies have largely ignored the existence of this enclave: a glaring omission of which linguistic analysis is urgently required. This Cyprian pocket of Gypsies merits analysis and accurate recording, or the language of such a small and scattered population runs the risk of complete extinction within a few generations (Williams 2000).
A detailed study will attempt to discover salient adaptations of this special dialect, and which linguistic system: morphological, phonological, lexical, or syntactical, carries the highest proportion of detectable loan adaptations. The lexical miscellany that survives does evolve, and therefore requires documentation (Trimiklitios 2008). Analysis is needed of certain terms and structures, as in this example:
A project currently under way at Manchester University in England has the Romani language, its Indo-Aryan origins and history, and the diaspora of its speakers, under a magnifying glass. It studies ‘place, mobility and dialect differentiation of the Romani people’, exploring the linguistic features and their distribution in geographical space (Matras 2009), using interviews and custom software. Readings of this study and others like it will be invaluable: firstly to discern any mention of the Cypriot Kurbet, and then to understand different methodologies and styles of inquiry. It will provide an excellent launching point, show what already has been discovered and what problems solved, and help decision-making. It has already resolved matters of geneaolgy and culture.
Starting with a similar foray into the history and culture of the Cypriot Kurbet, this proposal for research will deepen into an examination of the linguistic shifts and the reasons behind them, with the primary intention of setting up a lexicon of record.
The plan is to carry out a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Linguistic Analysis of Gypsie'S (ROMANI) Dialect of Cyprus (I WOULD Research Paper)
Linguistic Analysis of Gypsie'S (ROMANI) Dialect of Cyprus (I WOULD Research Paper.
“Linguistic Analysis of Gypsie'S (ROMANI) Dialect of Cyprus (I WOULD Research Paper”, n.d.
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