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Interview based Analysis & Human Resource Management - Essay Example

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Whether you work at a small ad agency or a major industrial conglomerate you do face the reality of office politics. Politics is merely how power gets grafted on a realistic, daily basis. The…
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Interview based Analysis & Human Resource Management
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Download file to see previous pages Her job profile is writing concepts and copy for all clients that come under her team. She is very reserved in nature and does not like intermingling, a reason for her seeming not to get promoted, even though she is well-qualified and her performance evaluations are good too. When asked about the situation, Sara claimed that she is a devoted employee and a hard worker, but her boss plays favorites and always gives her key assignments to Natasha, this lady who a year back was hired as an art director and started playing great politics with her by grabbing the conceptual bit of all main projects as well to take over the limelight which she successfully did and has been promoted as a team leader with a raise such that no one ever got throughout the agency’s history. Sara’s immediate boss, her group head though likes her work but still assigns an option of the work that he assigns Sara to Natasha as well and that is how she overshadows Sara through her ultra modern personality and dramatic presentation skills. Sara feels it is very unfair that all her opportunities are being transferred to Natasha and she is playing it all very smartly not refusing Sara’s work but utilizing it to gain the spotlight.
When Sara found out that she was a victim of favoritism she did not cry out loud, instead taking it for over six continuous months went straight up to her group head and made sure to communicate to him her interest in taking on additional responsibility. She thought might be her head would have been waiting for her to show initiative but still over the months the same kept on happening.
After very formally and positively venting out the situation to her immediate boss and not getting any results Sara went up to the HR manager of the agency and expressed her views. From her HR’s perspective politics is something so unhealthy and infectious that it kills an organization ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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