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What was the importance of inter-theatre mobility and lift in Gulf War 1 - Essay Example

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Inter-theatre mobility and lift played vital role in triumph of USA and its allied forces against Iraq in Gulf War 1 during 1990-1991 under Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm. It played significant role in success of USA in Afghanistan War and Malta War also. In fact,…
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What was the importance of inter-theatre mobility and lift in Gulf War 1
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Download file to see previous pages It also ensured sustainability and tooth to tail principles by causing convenience to defence department to deploy its troops and military cargo, the series of equipment and personnel far away from its geographical boundaries (Matthews and Holt, 1996). The air lift by employing specially skilled military personnel was also instrumental in success of USA during Gulf War1, Afghanistan War and Malta War.
During this operation the USA exhibited its strategic mobility and forward presence through combined efforts from Defence Transportation System (DTS) i.e. the United States Transportation Command and its service components, and the civilian transportation industry which facilitated the allies of USA to gather an overwhelming military force to defeat Iraq and free Kuwait.
The sustainability and tooth to tail principles of inter-theatre mobility ensured the sheer determination, hard work and dedication of the military and civilian personnel of USA and its allied nations during Gulf War1 and Afghanistan War. Inter-theatre mobility reduced the risk element for the forces in operation during this war when initial deployment of military forces of USA was considered to be the largest till date but failed in timely deployment of more forces in later phases (Department of Defence, 1992). In December, 2009, US President Barack Obama announced American plan to deploy 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan making its total strength to 1,00,000 and wanted to take help from Malta for bringing a quicker end to eight-year war (Xuereb, 2009).
Three major components constituted the inter-theatre mobility of USA during Gulf War1 i.e. strategic lift aircraft which helped in flying cargo and personnel, ships for carrying the steam cargo from the United States, and preposition of military stocks or commodities of important nature nearer to war region. In Gulf War1, USA and its allied forces utilized airlift, sealift and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What Was the Importance of Inter-Theatre Mobility and Lift in Gulf War Essay.
“What Was the Importance of Inter-Theatre Mobility and Lift in Gulf War Essay”, n.d.
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