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Participation Questions Week 3 - Essay Example

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In the fast pace business environment of today electronic communication tools are imperative to achieve business success. Another factor that…
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Participation Questions Week 3
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Download file to see previous pages s, electronic forums create the ability to formulate task forces very quickly to deal with complex business problems that require immediate attention.
In your response you added a new dimension to the discussion because you integrated personal application of how to use the eastern philosophy can improve a person’s ability to make better decisions. The basic difference between the eastern philosophy and the western philosophy is that one is based on patience and the other on speed. Both strategies have their advantages, but in the long run the eastern philosophy can add greater value to a business. When a manager applies patience in the decision making process they improve their probabilities of making the right decision. One of the weaknesses of the eastern philosophy is that it is not suitable for industries in which quick decision necessary to get the job done. An example of an industry in which speed at times is more important than patience is the consulting industry. If a client wants a solution within a short time frame such as one to four weeks the decision maker must make quick decisions based on the information that is readily available.
The major stakeholder’s groups such as the lenders and shareholders sometimes place unnecessary pressures on companies to deliver. These pressures affect the management mentality as far as thinking that the short term is of higher importance than the long term. American are overly worried about time, thus the obsession with shortening time to deliver faster is hurting their outcomes in business decision. The integration of the eastern approach is necessary to achieve balance. The example you showed is a case of an employee that rush into a decision based on receiving a reward. The managerial decisional process must include a thorough assessment of the situation prior to making the decision.
Listening is sometimes more important than talking. People can sometimes misinterpreted body language based on cultural ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Participation Questions Week 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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