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Bicyclists and motorcyclists should be required by law t - Essay Example

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As part of the daily lifestyle or profession, people will carry out certain day to day activities and also to relax their mind they will take part in some leisurely activities. Both these activities would mostly involve moving from one place to another. When the mode of moving…
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Bicyclists and motorcyclists should be required by law t
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Download file to see previous pages When motorcycles and bicycles are involved in any accidents, the physical body of the human could be injured particularly the head or the brain part, leading to death and even if an individual survives, the life will be a living hell. This brings into the picture the importance of helmets and how helmets could save a person from death or from becoming a ‘Vegetable’. This being in argument, the other is how many motorcyclists and bicyclist are driving without helmets with a lot of comfort, and how helmets could cause accidents. Thus, this paper will focus on the role of helmet and how it can be a lifesaving tool on one side and how it is not such a lifesaving tool and could give discomforts on other side.
Helmet worn by motorcyclists and bicyclists brings in a lot of advantages and importantly saves a lot of lives. That is, as helmets are like a strong armor for the head, any strong and dangerous impacts during an accident can be absorbed by the helmets. In most of the accidents and incidents involving motorcycles and bicycles, the riders will separate from the vehicle and the head of that individual will normally make a strong impact on other strong objects like the other vehicles, roadside objects and even the strong road. That impact could damage or break the skull leading to the damage to the brain resulting in death. Motorcyclists usually separate from the motorcycle at some time during a crash. It stands to reason that protective apparels like helmets are far more likely to be effective than protective equipment attached to the motorcycle In the event of a crash, no existing strategy or safety equipment offers protection comparable to a FMVSS 218 compliant helmet. (NHTSA). Helmeted riders have shown significantly lower injury impacts in all types of lesions in the body particularly in the head. A recent analysis from the Crash Outcomes Data Evaluation Systems (CODES) from six states demonstrated that helmets were 35 percent ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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