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Social Problem and Method - Research Paper Example

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They can be based on a culture, a social policy, or the psychology of human beings. Thus, sociological research can be conducted on miscellaneous or…
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Social Research Problem and Method Paper
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Download file to see previous pages And the problem gets further complicated when it is seen that health care prices are rising rapidly, making them unaffordable to most of the masses. Such psychology of the masses can only be uncovered through sociological research.
Statistics tell that around 50 million US nationals do not have a health insurance in place, which is around 15% of the whole population. The percentages of people not willing to go for health insurance are growing with time. Moreover, the number of children among those not covered by health insurance is also high, around 18%. This is becoming a grave issue and needs to be researched on, since such a significant portion of the population is unsheltered by no health insurance.
The working family of today is that which is earning sufficient enough to survive in today’s age of ever increasing prices. In such an environment, they decide to cut down on costs for health, because it is a double-digit increase in health insurance, in buying medicines, in visiting doctors. If inflation is there, the health care costs are outrunning it by 5 more times, which is a hefty loop. Employers are making this further difficult by removing the shelter of the corporation from employees, who are already working hard for their pays. (Soroka, 1994) It is seen that nowadays, employers are increasingly transferring the cost of health care and health insurance on the already-burdened shoulders of their employees. This increases the amount of deductions from the employees salary, leaving them with less disposable income, and making them negatively inclined towards a health insurance plan. Employers are now making deductions from pay when money is needed for treatment.
The research conducted under the division of sociological research can be divided into two types, quantitative methods and qualitative methods. We will be focusing on the quantitative methods, and will be conducting surveys through questionnaires to gauge the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Research Problem and Method Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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