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The western Way of War2 - Essay Example

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Geoffrey Parker emphasizes on the major aspects of war. The Western way of war was based on certain principles and these aspects. He compares the western followings with the other countries. Since there is a…
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The western Way of War2
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Download file to see previous pages The technologies they used were adopted from the eastern countries. Hence most of the technologies were not Western innovations. Any new inventions were followed by almost all the other countries. Western countries were not ready to accept and follow the new technology. (Geoffrey 2005). They remained hesitant to experiment any sort of technology. Technology was not the only criteria that decide the success of war. Instead other factors like economic power and war plans were the important aspect that decides the war’s success.
The next principle of Western way of war was to maintain proper discipline among the soldiers in the army. Discipline was given more prominence than religion. The soldiers were trained to co-operate and work as a team. The military was formed with the people who resided in the same area(book). The leaders for such military teams were the leaders from their area. During the sixteenth century rally were carried out to recruit people for the military. In countries like Greece the normal people like farmers were also a part of the military regimen. Though army people were more disciplined, it was not secured. Technology and discipline alone did not decide the fate of the war. The war had to possess a vision which helped them to fight against their enemy. Religious constraints were not the deciding factor and it did not interfere in the success of the war. Success was decided only when the enemy was totally defeated. (Geoffrey 2005).This was not practiced in the other countries. The main aims of this war were to collect people who were used as slaves. These slaves were used to procure goods from the harbor and to assist them in other local work.
Most of the countries relied on discipline and technological aspects. Western countries differed from them in this principle. They had the ability to change and preserve the practices they have followed. Countries in the West had the power to adapt to these changes. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Western Way of War2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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