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Two week Journal - Assignment Example

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We spoke for a long time over the phone and it made me realize how much I miss her. I called her after a long time as I got really busy once classes started. While talking to her I was reminded of all the times I went to her for solace…
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Two week Journal
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Download file to see previous pages I hope I can keep my resolution though.
The anniversary of 9/11 got me thinking about the events. What a terrible day it was not only for us Americans but for everyone in the world! Nobody had heard of an attack on civilians of this magnitude. I remember how all of us were stunned and how I could not really think straight for quite a while to come. I can still not make sense of all that happened then. How can someone punish innocent people and on such a massive scale? That is a thought I cannot get my mind wrapped around. The anger is still here, though I do believe that a lot of crimes were committed due to this hatred, against Muslims who were our own countrymen. I believe all of us should still be angry, but we should not lose our minds. Retribution, if we ever do get it, should come from those who committed that crime against us, and not from our own countrymen, or other innocent people, who happen to share the faith of the criminals.
I tried to define love to myself; a futile exercise I know, because there is no definite answer to the question ‘what is love?’. If I love someone, is it because I love who they are or because I love being around them a lot? Maybe it is a bit of both. You love not only who the person is, but also the feeling their presence engenders in you. But then there are times when you really like the way a person is based on his qualities, but you really do not like to be around them. So then maybe it is more of how that person makes you feel than who that person is. In a way it is like loving chocolate, you do not really love the physical attributes of chocolate, but its taste. I know there is no one answer to this age old question, yet I really am thinking along these lines these days. I guess I just want to fall in love and experience it for myself to really know what it entails.
The person sitting next to my in my psychology class once asked me ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Two Week Journal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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