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Cocaine effects on a newborn - Essay Example

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For instance, cocaine and heroin drugs, and the generally safe prescription drugs can be extremely hazardous for the growing fetus and can lead to permanent…
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Cocaine effects on a newborn
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Download file to see previous pages Another risk is “placental abruption”, a premature separation of the placenta from the uterus wall which may cause excessive bleeding and death risk to both the mother and baby (“Cocaine Addiction and Pregnancy: Effects on Newborns”).
Cocaine effect on newborns is serious. The pregnant woman’s use of cocaine can decrease the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the growing fetus. Cocaine-exposed babies have low birth weight, low Apgar score, shorter length and smaller head circumference than unexposed babies. These consequences can be a sign of future developmental delays and abnormalities. Babies from mothers using cocaine have greater possibility of being born prematurely. These babies experience breathing difficulties which may cause stroke even before birth or immediately after birth. Stroke can lead to the development of lifetime brain and developmental disorders (“Cocaine and Pregnancy”).
newborns are often irritable, hyperactive, sleepless and have a low frustration tolerance, muscular stiffness, visual disturbances, low feeding and sucking abilities and sensory incapacities. There have been reported cases of loose bowels, vomiting, and seizure occurrences. A number of these problems may last for 2 to 2 ½ months after birth (“Cocaine and Pregnancy”). Cocaine-exposed newborns may go into deep sleep for longer than usual (Gorski).
Pregnant mothers who uses cocaine for an extended duration may deliver babies that have birth defects and abnormalities in the face, brain, heart, eyes, limbs and muscles. Some babies may be born with intestinal, genitals and urinary problems (“Cocaine and Pregnancy”).
When cocaine enters the placenta, it disturbs the circulation inside the fetus’ body. Cocaine stays in the body of the developing fetus for an extended duration. That is why evidences of cocaine can be found in the urine and hair ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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