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Interpretation of Statistical Tables and Testing Hypotheses - Statistics Project Example

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The variables age, motivation and grade definition is given in Appendix 1: Variable Definition. A Two-Way ANOVA test performed using SPSS (General Linear…
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Interpretation of Statistical Tables and Testing Hypotheses
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, there appears a difference in grade for unmotivated, motivated, and highly motivated diploma students that are there is difference in grade based on participation.
The average grade for unmotivated scholarship students (23 to 32 years old) was about 78.89 (SD = 7.59), for motivated scholarship students was about 71.17 (SD = 6.05), and for highly motivated scholarship students was about 76.80 (SD = 7.12). Therefore, there appears that unmotivated and highly motivated scholarship students grade is higher as compared to motivated scholarship students.
The average grade for unmotivated government students (33 and above) was about 62.67 (SD = 4.32), for motivated government students was about 62.56 (SD = 5.03), and for highly motivated government students was about 63.20 (SD = 9.63).
The average grade for diploma students was about 87.85 (SD = 5.66), for scholarship students was about 76.05 (SD = 7.49), and for government students was about 62.75 (SD = 5.93). Therefore, there appears difference in grade among three age groups of students.
The average grade for unmotivated students was about 79.00 (SD = 13.09), for motivated students was about 72.68 (SD = 11.50), and for highly motivated students was about 74.75 (SD = 11.00). Therefore, there appears difference in grade among three motivation (participation) groups of students.
There was a significant main effect of age group on student grade, F(2, 4.06) = 39.92, p =.002, η2 = 0.952. In other words, there is difference in student grade for different age groups. The result indicates a very strong effect of 0.952 as measured by η2.
There was nonsignificant main effect of participation (motivation) on student grade, F(2, 4.02) = 1.77, p =.281, η2 = 0.468. In other words, there is statistically no difference in student grade for different participations ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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