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Neruda’s ode is a lengthy poem in free verse extolling the nature of things and things in general. Most people would dismiss things as being ordinary – too commonplace to be the subject of a poem, but not the poet Neruda.
The firs…
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Lit short paper
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Download file to see previous pages He goes on further to say that he loves not only the Supreme but also the infinitely small – the thimble, spurs, plates and flower vases. The Supreme would point to god and that adoration comes naturally to creatures of God (which would include the poem himself). The enumeration of the above objects point to a consideration of their usefulness.
The reader is given an inkling next of the poet as being a man who smokes. He starts the stanza by saying “For heaven’s sake, the planet is beautiful” as though to imply that it goes without saying that the world we live in is not only beautiful but filled with things like “smoking pipes cupped in the hand” which are sources of enjoyment for men (and also for women). This rather long stanza goes on to mention other things not only useful to man but handmade by man – keys, salt cellars. This is followed by a description of the intricacies that make up the things stated – the curve of the shoe, the weave, the smokiness of chairs. He does not stop here. He continues enumerating other things that man needs to make life easy and clean and comfortable – spectacles, nail, brooms, clocks, compasses and coins.
In the next stanza which is shorter, he marvels at the multitude of pure things has made of wool, wood, glass, rope, tables, ships and stairs. Then the poet waxes sentimental when he remembers feathers, love’s blossoms vanished – glasses, knives, scissors that bear “finger marks of a distant hand”. It seems that the poet associates these things within easy reach with someone else’s hand – probable that of the loved one who is no longer around. He writes of them as “lost in the most forgotten oblivion”. How strange that he banishes them to oblivion and yet remembers them. Is he applying reverse psychology here?
Sadly, he looks for objects he loves but does not own in houses, streets, elevators ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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