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Developing an effective classroom management plan - Essay Example

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It serves as a platform where the students and teachers interact and are able to communicate information to each other. Therefore, an ideal classroom should be one which supports this…
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Developing an effective classroom management plan
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Download file to see previous pages A positive learning environment can only be created when this philosophy is kept in mind.
At the basic level, a classroom simply comprises of a teacher and a group of students. However, a classroom cannot exist in isolation; it comes under the control of a school. Similarly, a school is also required to report to district authorities. Hence, there are multiple stakeholders acting together in this case and each has their own role to play. The role of each of these should be defined in way which maximizes the exchange of knowledge, and creates and maintains the learning environment. Moreover, these roles should also be used as the rules in effectively maintaining a positive learning environment in a K-12 classroom. Let us consider the roles and responsibilities for each of the members one by one.
Teachers play the central role in a classroom. A teacher is the one who controls the entire class and it is his skills and capabilities which play a vital role in the learning environment of the class. In some cases, the teacher is the primary source of knowledge who communicates this knowledge to the students. In some cases, the teacher is merely a facilitator who assists the students in acquiring knowledge from textbooks. However, in any case, the role of teacher is indispensible. The role of the teacher should be defined in a way that he is able to effectively communicate with the students and interact with them. It should not be a merely one-sided communication, but the students should respond back. Hence, it is important that the teacher thoroughly knows what he is teaching. He should know all aspects of the topic and should be ready to answer any questions from the students relevant to the topic. Another important role of a teacher is to reward the students for their good performance and punish the students for poor performance. This serves to improve the motivation of students towards the class. Moreover, he should make use of the tools and equipments, such ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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