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Ideology refers to the imaginary connection between human beings and their condition of existence. All Ideologies are supposed to be nothing but illusions. On the other hand Science corresponds to…
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The rise of business science
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Download file to see previous pages The workers have been accepting this, to their liking or disliking, though at times partially. The emergence of Marxism brought some changes to this ideology at least in some countries. Thus Capitalism is ideology and not science.
Business is an integral part of Capitalist economy. Business is both art and science. It is the art of getting the work done most effectively. This part of it includes planning, organizing, guiding and supervising. Those in charge of business must plan for the action, make available the resources, motivate the workers, control them and guide them to achieve best results. They must ensure that everything goes on as per plan. There are bound to be problems. They should not loose heart. It is a challenge. Science is being explained as a volume of knowledge gathered from actual things or happenings which can be further investigated. Thus we can see that Economics which decides the future and fate of business ventures is science. Economics depends on past experiences. Further, it is developed as per mathematical theories based on assumptions. Economics attempt to satisfy innumerable needs with the help of the little sources available.
For the success of any business establishments man power is the basic requirement. And hence, business firms are very particular that the candidates, whom they recruit, should aspire for an excellent, rewarding career and must possess the necessary skills to achieve that. In addition they must have the interest and ability to attain additional skills on the job or in training program of the company. Apart from the required degrees, the candidates are expected to have quantitative skills, which include mathematical skills, interpretation of charts and graphs and quantitative reasoning ability. Those who have quantitative skill can easily manipulate numbers. Their reasoning is based on their ability of handling numbers. Quantitative skills are practically applicable in every ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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