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(Goffman qtd. In Hughes, Kroehler 60) Therefore, human rights are the actions that we want society to respect and satisfy. The rights…
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Some questions
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Download file to see previous pages This includes the right to education, religion, and matrimony. The right to live and to have free speech in order to be heard and be heard truly with an understanding and open mind. And most importantly, the right to be respected at all times as humans, whether man or woman. The issue between genders have always been a controversy; as to who the “stronger laborer or the main economic contributor is”. (Byrne 132) Women have stood behind men for decades: a norm for them to serve under the towering image of their male counterparts. Not until recent years did women fight for their rights to be heard asking for society to uphold them. Through this, contemporary feminism has altered the debate on human rights in several different ways. They have risen to several different occasions to be the most powerful voice in the nation; rising to the challenge of political, environmental and at the same time economic agendas both in the entire nation and within their private spaces. If the country’s leaders would support their objectives, not only will women be heard but every individual fighting for their human rights as well. Now, as the most powerful country in the world, to whom every nation look up to, the US should lead by example actively performing and promoting the rights of every individual no matter the status or gender. They should not limit themselves to laws and leave this responsibility to the UN. As an active member of this organization, it should empower the UN to ask everyone to actively participate in the promotion of human rights. It should not stop at being just a member but instead push forward to reach further in creating a greater impact in the entire world; thereby starting within the confines of its constitution leading by example and mandating respect towards every individual rights.
Prejudice refers to attitudes of aversion and hostility toward the members of a group simply because they belong to it and hence are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Some Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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