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Slaughterhouse five - Book Report/Review Example

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The book pretty much follows the story of Billy Pilgrim as he clumsily travels through his life. He can’t ever seem to get over his experience of the firebombing raid on…
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Slaughterhouse five
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Download file to see previous pages Revenge is seen in the characters,
Roland Weary and Paul Lazarro seem to have revenge as their central theme. Both of these characters appear in the war as being PoWs along with Billy. It is mostly because of Weary’s efforts that Billy even survives to be picked up by German soldiers behind enemy lines instead of being shot, even though Billy keeps on telling him to go on without him. However, Weary cannot allow Billy to fall behind because he has his own personal code of revenge against his childhood traumas. “He had been unpopular because he was stupid and fat and mean, and smelled like bacon no matter how much he washed. He was always being ditched in Pittsburgh by people who did not want him with them. … When Weary was ditched, he would find somebody who was even more unpopular than himself, … and then he would find some pretext for beating the shit out of him” (33). I think Weary saw Billy as every kid he ever beat up and that by saving Billy, he might be able to make up for the wrongs he did to them. He may also have been trying to save Billy so that when people were looking for someone to pick on, they would choose Billy instead of Weary. I think this because Weary kept on punishing Billy for his weaknesses, taking revenge upon him for interfering in the Three Musketeers dream-world Weary had established as they continued on their trek. “Now, lying in the ditch with Billy and the scouts after having been shot at, Weary made Billy take a very close look at his trench knife. … It had a ten-inch blade that was triangular in cross section. Its grip consisted of brass knuckles, was a chain of rings through which Weary slipped his stubby fingers. The rings weren’t simple. They bristled with spikes. Weary laid the spikes along Billy’s cheek” (35). This underlying hint of violence in the man ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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