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The center of a fiber-optic cable is made of dozens or hundreds of minor threads of plastic or glass that makes use of the light to distribute signals. Each thread is acknowledged as an optical fiber, which is as thin as a human hair. Within the fiber-optic cable, a protected…
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Fiber Optics
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand the technology of the fiber optics offers enhanced data quality and higher data rates at the expenditure of less cost and effort (Nash 97) and (Shelly, Cashman and Vermaat 491). Fiber is the technology of future that offers the greater advantages for instance higher data rate with less single distortion. The capacity of the fiber optics is increasing and lot of new enhancement have also made in this area.
In a fiber cable, light only travels in one way. Therefore, for establishing a two-way transmission or communication, an additional connection must be established between the two devices, which why when you see fiber cable you observe it is in fact two threads of cable. Each thread is in charge for one way of transmission or communication. A laser from one side throws pulses of light throughout this cable to the other side. Moreover, these pulses are converted into 0’s and 1’s on the other side. The light enclosed within the fiber cable cannot getaway. Also, no electrical fields are produced near the cable; therefore a bundle of fiber cables could be settled collectively without harmful effects. There is a glass cover in the middle of the fiber cable. The laser light moves through this cover to the other side. Around the inner core there is a reflective material acknowledged as cladding. No light leaves the glass core because of this reflective cladding. Fiber-optic cable was very costly a few years ago, but with the passage of time its price is decreasing. (Nash 97) and (Bright). The below mentioned image shows the process of transmission:
Fiber optic is very high speed, undoubtedly. It could be run tens of miles; therefore attenuation is not a difficulty. There is also no vulnerability to EMI because the data transmission takes place over light, instead of electricity (Nash 97). The speed of laser light is much higher as compared to electrical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Fiber Optics Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Fiber Optics Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Fiber Optics Admission/Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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