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Heroes and Celebrities - Research Paper Example

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This essay illuminates the intrinsic meaning of the terms “hero” and “celebrity” and delves deep into identifying interpreting and illustrating the panorama of the essence and epitome that embraces the glory and glamour and the socio-cultural impact they have on the…
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Heroes and Celebrities
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Download file to see previous pages Celebrities on the other hand are renowned popular personalities from the entertainment, sports, social or political origin usually with professional mission – who have essentially mesmerized the common mass with extensive fan-following through media publicity, sensational enterprising which at times may have positive significance or mere dramatic impression on the community.
Heroes play an essential and pivotal role shaping and developing the lives of the common mass to aspire and inspire them to the esteemed goal. However in the present scenario with the advent of the globalization, fast lifestyle and rate-race, the differentiation between the terminologies ‘heroes’ and ‘celebrities’ is often forgotten and overlapping. In this current era of ‘reality TV shows’ like Survivor, The Amazing Race, American Idol, The Swan, Extreme Makeover, Big Brother etc. with the creation of instant celebrity status and even at times infamy hypes – the cult celebrity worship has almost become synonymous to heroic aspirations. In this context the common population in the recent times have become more prone to ‘herd response’ whereby an enormous group of people react in the specific direction the media broadcasts and advertisements would attract and appeal them to through enchantment of glitz-glamour, monetary-allurement or dream-fascination. The traditional beliefs in regards to celebrity establishment and hero-worshipping are getting fundamentally transformed from the very foundation with the presence of luck fortune and at times prosperity, the common people are gaining the celebrity prominence and becoming the social icon almost overnight, especially in shows like the American Idol, The Swan, Extreme Makeover and the like. With the introduction of cosmetic surgery and hi-tech beautification methodologies within the reach of the common contestants till that time as in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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