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Some of these are longevity and improvement in the quality of life that a person leads. It had been noticed that endurance exercise enhances the intake of oxygen, up to 30%. Such…
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Admission Essay Tell us about an activity that is important to you, and why. Please feel free to talk about an activity other than one you may have discussed in your essay.
A number of benefits are to be derived from physical exercise that is performed on a regular basis. Some of these are longevity and improvement in the quality of life that a person leads. It had been noticed that endurance exercise enhances the intake of oxygen, up to 30%. Such endurance exercise has a beneficial effect on cardiorespiratory functioning, metabolism, composition of the body, and emotional well being.
Regular exercise, among the older people improves bone density, balance and reduces the incidence of injuries from falling down. There are several chronic and disabling diseases, like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and osteoporosis. It has been observed that regular endurance exercise drastically mitigates the risk of falling victim to such diseases.
Successful individuals have to adopt a hectic schedule in their day to day life. This has become inevitable, and causes very high levels of physical and mental stress. I have discovered that regular exercise relieves such stress and makes me highly energetic and enthusiastic. Therefore, I have made exercise an essential component of my daily routine.
3. Why are you planning to transfer to USC?
One of the best private research universities in the world is the University of Southern California, which is located in Los Angeles. It is an international hub for arts, international trade and technology. This university has more international students than any other university in the US. In addition, it provides vast and varied opportunities for internships and studying abroad.
The education imparted at the University of Southern California is a well planned amalgam of professional and liberal education. This university has engendered a lively culture of public service, and inspires its students to transcend geographic and academic limits, whilst undergoing the process of acquiring knowledge. The number of students is more than 30,000, whilst that of the permanent faculty is more than 3,000.
When it comes to selectivity, the University of Southern California, occupies the top 1 %. This distinction was achieved under the able guidance of its 10th president. It goes without saying that this highly esteemed institution, has emerged as the pioneer in communications, technologies related to multimedia, the life sciences and in a number of inter discipline areas of research. There has been a fivefold increase in its endowment, and it has been praised throughout the length and breadth of the nation, for its novel means of providing service, learning programs and concern for the community.
In view of the above, I have become highly enamored of this prestigious institution. It will be possible for me to acquire the latest knowledge and skills, in my chosen area of study. Moreover, such knowledge will be comprehensive. Furthermore, this university develops innovation amongst its students. Therefore, it is my heartfelt desire to study at this institution of unparalleled excellence. Read More
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