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2-3 - Assignment Example

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It follows through the events through which Frodo Baggins, a hobbit living in The Shire, inherits from his Uncle Bilbo a ring that at that time has powers unknown to Frodo. One wizard though knows…
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Assignment 2-3
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Download file to see previous pages This illustrates the separation. Though they cannot explain it to themselves they very well know there is something strange about the ring. While still in The Shire they encountered Ringwraiths. It scared them like hell but they continued the journey and decided to cut through the Old Forest. They stopped by the town of Bree where they met the Strider a man whose name truly is Aragorn. Aragorn protects them from the Ringwraiths who wreaked havoc in Bree.
In their journey, with Ringwraiths in close pursuit Frodo, Samwise, and Aragorn becomes acquainted with the Council of Elrond. The learned council knows about Saruman, a wizard whom Sauron has corrupted, the apparent escape of Gollum from Mirkwood, and most importantly about the powerful ring inherited by Frodo. The Council recognizes that the threat is far too great and decides that the best course to take is destroying the ring. Frodo, as the keeper of the ring, volunteers to take the ring to the Cracks of Doom—the one place where the ring has been forged. This initiates Frodo to become a part of the Fellowship of the Ring; a group composed of nine so chosen to accompany Frodo in his invaluable task. Among the members of the Fellowship is of course is trusted friend Sam, cousins Merry and Pippin, the man they met at Bree named Aragorn, Gandalf the Grey, Gimli (who happens to be the son of Gloin, one of the dwarves that accompanied Bilbo Baggins on his quest), Legolas (an elf from the woodland realm of Mirkwood), and another man named Boromir from Gondor.
The Fellowship endure numerous challenges including attacks by the Orcs while passing through the Mines of Moria, Gandalf falling through a deep chasm in his battle against Balrog, and Boromir yielding to the extensive powers of the Ring which lured him to take it away from Frodo. With this happening Frodo leaves the Fellowship, trotting the road to Mordor followed only by Samwise ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assignment 2-3 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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