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Though, the act of fundraising might look simple, unless approached in a methodical manner the venture is hard to be successful.
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Download file to see previous pages This happened a few years back when students of our batch wanted to build homes for Alzheimer’s patients who had been abandoned. After a series of discussions that commenced, we decide to do something we were good at, to raise enough funds. The students of the Electrical department decided to organize a technical cum cultural extravaganza, Electra Fest to raise money for the social cause. As students, we were totally new to this venture and dealt each step with uttermost care.
The first step to organizing the event was to call a meeting of all the students and the teachers. Almost all the students in our department had gathered and needless to say, the start was a good one. Since, most of us had no clue about how to organize such an event, we sought help form teachers and of course, parents. The discussions were going on. But none of us was ready to reach a conclusion. So, it was suggested that the chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer, the thread bearers of the show be selected. The suitable candidates were favoured.It was made sure that the right people were in charge. Now, the chairperson took over. The next step was to select groups for each purpose and delegate the responsibility of the groups to the group leaders. The group leaders would be answerable to the chairperson. Some of the people voluntarily turned up. Others had to be elected and organized into groups. It was decided that the event be held at the town Hall, which was at the heart of the city and hence, would attract a larger crowd. Enquiry was made regarding the dates available and a date was fixed which did not coincide with any other local functions in the city, making sure that the crowd does not get diverted. Tickets had to be printed and issued. A team was responsible for designing the tickets and the posters and getting them printed. The cost of printing was borne by a small fund allotted by the college. The days before the event were divided into three stages and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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THE ACCIDENTAL FUNDRAISER: Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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