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Pop Culture Entertainment: Writing to Persuade - Essay Example

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Pop culture pervades our society today wherever we go due to the prevalent influence of mass media channels such as newspapers and television broadcasts. Pop culture means totality of language and ideas that are deemed to be consensual by a great majority of people who use their…
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Pop Culture Entertainment: Writing to Persuade
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Download file to see previous pages This is in contrast with the so-called higher culture espoused by the elitist groups in a society such as those belong to the higher social, political and economic classes. Some think civic culture is now coarser.
Pop culture is considered as low-brow culture enjoyed and perpetrated by the common or working classes. In other words, pop culture is mass culture. But its prevalence does not in any way detract the crucial role it plays in modern societies today. It is used to influence people and shape their views and opinions of important events happening in society. An example would the movies which “have addressed a range of subjects, from sexual behavior, to race to war, even to juvenile delinquency,” (Rodin & Steinberg 2003, p. 117). It is a slightly subversive activity even.
In a way, pop culture and the mass media are mutually dependent in very close symbiotic relationship such as commercialization of certain genres of music, in entertainment, magazines, fashion and television programs. This paper looks at a particular TV news program and how it affects viewers through a constant stream of often biased commentaries in which news is twisted and given slant to promote political viewpoints with a hidden agenda its audience is not aware of.
One of the more popular news programs on cable television today is Fox News Channel that has commentators on its various time slots. The more prominent of these commentators is Bill OReilly who is the host of the OReilly Factor. For those not so familiar with this guy, he is a rabid conservative who claims not to put a spin on the news but actually doing it blatantly. He claims to have surpassed Larry King Live of CNN in terms of viewership because of hard-hitting commentaries. His hosting sometimes includes shouting, a version of democracy characterized by self-serving comments and mostly senseless sound bites (Marinoff 2002, p 2).
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