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The writer beautifully portrays his thoughts in words. The thoughts of the reader get new ways to develop and flourish after reading the brilliantly written novel “The little prince”. The theme of the…
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The Little Prince
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the paper aims to evaluate how this particular theme works in our lives.
The Little Prince explains how material things make a difference in people’s views and attitudes. In Chapter IV of the novel, it was observed that the Turkish astronomer was ignored despite of presenting his discovery of Asteroid B 612 for the fact that he wore traditional Turkish dress. However, the same person is given a lot of importance and appraisal when he presents his discovery in the European dressing. The narrow-minded and materialistic people accepted the success only when the astronomer followed their limited approach of measuring the success i.e. by appearance, dressing and presentation. This theme of the novel really applies to our lives these days. People argue about equality, rights and equal opportunities, still they lack far behind what is required. The narrow-mindedness of many people is still a hurdle for most of the women to progress. The materialistic approach still limits people from viewing the reality behind the faces. Money-oriented people are still welcomed and respected regardless of their deeds and wrongful acts.
The novel accuses adults for being narrow-minded, materialist, cold, selfish, mean and unimaginative. The writer clearly distinguishes between the views of children and adults about the world in the 1st chapter. Author characterizes children as true, honest, innocent, lively and imaginative creatures who do not give importance to how things look and what benefits them. As the story begins, the writer starts criticizing adults for being unimaginative and materialists who ignore the beauty of life and world for the sake of money, status, power, fame etc. This indirect criticism can be observed when the writer explains how unimaginative grownups are to observe his Drawing Number One which represented a boa constrictor eating an elephant, like anything except a hat. The story goes on and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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